“Actualising human potential to the full”

It is a matter of both great pride and an honour to introduce what I sincerely believe to be a great stride forward in the long and much admired history of education in Kerala.

Al Abeer Educity was conceived to become the axis of a seminal concept in holistic education, that of Kindergarten to Post Graduate (KG to PG) delivering an unbroken and continuous education of enormous richness and variety. It will surely make its mark as a source of academic and professional innovations, actualising the potential of its residential families and students to the maximum.

The 202 thousand square metre site embraces an International Baccalaureate School, Medical College, Multispecialty Hospital, Engineering College, Management College and Ayurvedic Spa together with support facilities.

Al Abeer Educity’s unique vision is to be an unprecedented environment for non-residential Indians to bring up their children surrounded with the noble culture and pristine values that sustain and support their homeland. The core values of the project are to deliver a fusion of distinct ethos and the diverse values of a global student community that will position Al Abeer Educity as a leader in education for generations.

It offers a campus catering for the full educational requisites of an individual, ranging from primary education to advanced post graduate programs.

We are dedicated to move forward hand in hand to materialize the noble dreams and worthy visions of this enterprising project. We can join together to discover the undiscovered and explore the unexplored.

Let us unfold the enfolded potential in all.

Dr. Jemshith Ahmed