Non-Resident Indians

Over 20 million Indians reside out of India, out of which 10% are from Kerala. Remittances from Non Resident Indians account for 3% of India’s GDP. Remittances have grown from USD 13 billion in 2000 to USD 58 billion in 2012. Out of the USD 406 billion of total world remittances 14% come from India.

India’s NRI population makes significant investments in real estate, education and healthcare. It would also prefer to send its children to India for education because of cultural reasons.

Foreign Students in India

India’s high quality of education and high affordability has made it an attractive destination for international students. Traditionally, most international students came from South East Asia, Africa and certain Arab countries but recently India’s institutes have been attracting students from Europe and the Americas. A report from the United States State Department states that India has jumped from the 14th most popular destination for American students to the 11th with an annual increase of 12%.